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Are you ready to watch your social media sales rise?

We’re experts in Facebook and Instagram ads for small to medium-sized brands.

In other words, we help you sell what you’re selling.

Your audience using Facebook and Instagram is ready to buy what you’re selling.

How do we know? We did the research.

Our aim is to create success for any business

But specialize in wellness, gift cards, apparel, shoes, home goods, soft goods, and beauty and grooming products.

78% of American consumers

have discovered retail products to buy through Facebook.
Kleiner Perkins, 2018

An average Facebook user

taps on 11 ads per month (With 69% of U.S. adults using Facebook daily. Do the math!)

These are not numbers to be ignored. You deserve a taste of it all. This is an audience that is listening and ready to act. So whether you’ve considered eCommerce or haven’t had the best success with it, Quarter Muffin is ready to swoop in and serve up something that works.

We’re also a Shopify partner, so if your product is on Shopify, we understand how to help you advertise on Facebook.

We’ve developed a fully baked B2C approach to advertise and sell through Facebook and Instagram

It’s a pretty unique approach, and we think that’s what makes us so successful.