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Skincare Advertising Through Instagram – Boost Sales and Confidence

Skincare Advertising Through Instagram

Skincare Advertising Through Instagram – Boost Sales and Confidence

Skincare brands as a business strive on appearance. They need the products to work well and give the consumer the right look for them. However, marketing your business is as visual as the products. If you do not get the marketing right, you have no sales – no matter how good the product is. A lot of social media platforms are focused on highly visual aspects, too. For example, Instagram is well known for photographers and people trying to make a visual impression. That is why skincare advertising through Instagram is one of the best methods to combine businesses’ requirements and consumers’ wants.

What Can Skincare Advertising on Instagram Do For Your Business?

It is no wonder that Instagram has become one of the biggest, most widely used platforms globally for marketing beauty products. However, getting it right is the difficult part. Facebook has shown that 70% of shopping enthusiasts will go straight to Instagram to discover new products.

Rival IQ has compiled a list of the top 100 beauty brands on social media, and we will have a look through them and see how their advertising looks. Furthermore, we will look into why those top pages are using Instagram. That will give you a better idea of what you can hope to achieve through skincare advertising through Instagram.


Huda Kattan is a makeup artist and blogger, and with 47.8 Million followers on her Instagram page, she is obviously doing something right. Her own brand, Wishful Skin, has managed to rake up a pretty huge 524k followers, too, all since her first brand post on January 12, 2020. One of their biggest branding methods is only to share real people using real products. They do not use models for their products, and they have a petition for disclosure of filters being used within beauty products on Instagram. That is a huge step towards getting rid of the visual toxicity in beauty products and one that we completely agree with.

Huda Beauty Skincare Advertising Through Instagram
Image from Hudabeauty Instagram

Keeping up those standards has earned Huda an average of 20k likes and 100 comments on her posts, only improving her standing as the top spot in the beauty and skincare industry on Instagram.


Glossier, founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss, has a great ethos that drives marketing as much as Huda’s natural direction and stance against filters. That is, “Skincare first, makeup second.” That has earned a lot of kudos in the makeup and dermatology world. All of their products are tested by dermatologists, too. However, the Instagram page is also a tribute to themselves. They post a lot of product images, but they all feature non-models and actual customer reviews.

One of the best marketing strategies that Glossier has used on Instagram is to show things that people would usually shy away from, such as scars and stretch marks. That shows that the company is hugely aware of people’s mindsets and emotions, allowing them to feel at ease.

Glossier Skincare Advertising Through Instagram
Image from Glossier Instagram

They are very down-to-earth and show that in their marketing. Those are hugely contributing factors to their 2.7 Million followers, too.

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup has been on Instagram for a bit longer than Wishful Skin. However, since their join date, May 12th, 2015, they have still managed to get 1.9 Million followers. Furthermore, close to 3,400 posts. They pride themselves on Black lives after and cruelty-free, vegan products. The people they use in the Insta posts are diverse, too. That gives them an edge over their competition. Much more product-orientated marketing than others will give them a slightly different audience. However, they are still doing very well with their clean, vibrant, and natural posts.

Milk Makeup
Image from Milk Makeup Instagram

One of the primary differences between Milk Makeup and Wishful skin is that there is no single figure behind the business. That can lead to a slightly lower success rate. However, they are still proving themselves very well within the skincare community on Instagram.

How Does That Compare To “Big Brands” For Skincare On Instagram?

First of all, if you are big into the skincare world and use Instagram, it will not come as a surprise to you that these three accounts are on this list. However, that is not what we are using as a foundation for our example.

L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal is by far the largest skincare brand globally, with a valuation of $11.7 Billion. Founded on the 30th July 1909, they are also one of the oldest companies producing skincare items. Over the years, they have spent more money on advertising campaigns than we would like to think about. However, how do they match up in the ranking for Instagram? Loreal Paris started their Instagram advertising in 2014. Being such a huge brand, you would think that they surpassed any other people on this list.

Image from Loreal Instagram

With 9.2 Million followers, they are certainly contenders for top place. However, given their prominent stance in the skincare world, we expect them to have a much higher figure than that. Huda Beauty only started their Insta account two years prior but has 5.1 times more followers. Furthermore, Loreal has seven times more posts than Huda.


The fact that Loreal is behind the top spot on Instagram for skincare is surprising. Gillette is the second-largest skincare company in the world, with a value of nearly $8.5 Billion. However, their Instagram following is a meager 141k, with only 446 posts. They may not need such a huge following on Instagram because of their already large stature, but it is certainly a surprise to see that since 28 May 2015, they are the least followed company on the list so far.

Gillette Instagram
Image from Gillette Instagram

However, when you look through their Instagram posts, there are one or two things that you may spot pretty quickly.

  1. They do not have many videos in comparison to others.
  2. They use a lot of models and famous people.

People enjoy seeing real-life stories and gain inspiration from them. Not to see a plethora of NFL players who are cleanly shaven.


A close second to Loreal in age, Nivea was founded in 1911 and is a huge skincare brand worldwide. They are the third biggest skincare brand globally, too, with a business worth $7.4 Billion. With the focus being more on both genders of all ages than Gillette, you may expect more of a following on Instagram.

Image from Nivea Instagram

Strangely, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Agreed, Nivea did jump on the Instagram bandwagon, 28 March 2019, much later than all others in this article. But the size of the company compared to the number of followers that they have is truly mindblowing. Again, there is the possibility that they do not need to advertise much for their Instagram page, being such a large brand. Still, going back to the Facebook statistics, they are certainly not helping themselves.

Why Is Instagram Advertising So Important For Skincare Businesses?

Going back to the original point in question, we think it is easy to see why you should use Instagram to advertise. Although you would probably like a little more proof. Therefore, we need to look at the main websites for each of the businesses on the list. Instead of showing you the statistics provided by in the order of traffic, we will show you sorted from lowest number of visitors to highest.

Similar Web provides you with the last six months of estimated visits, so we will compile that into an average.

  • – No data. That usually indicates that there are not enough visitors to show.
  • – 298,333
  • – 625,000 avg
  • – 923,333 avg
  • – 1,258,333 avg
  • – 2,891,666 avg

While there is not an exact and direct correlation between Instagram followers and website visits, it is pretty clear that the bigger brands have lower follow counts and fewer website visits, too. You need to consider that most of the products that larger companies sell are through retail outlets. However, it is still evident that if only 5% of visitors buy from websites, Huda beauty and Glossier have got a huge return of investment through skincare marketing on Instagram.


When you have a new product, it can be challenging to get it into many people’s limelight. However, Instagram is a huge tool that you need to utilize if you want maximum profits. It’s critical to understand the platform and its users to gain the full potential. If you would like to find out how Quarter Muffin can help you maximize your Instagram advertising and turn it into revenue, get in touch.

Featured image: Photo by Liubov Ilchuk on Unsplash

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