No onboarding fees, no cancellation fees!

We’ve developed a turnkey approach for sales through social marketing platforms, with packages that will fit your business like a great pair of cool shoes. With proven strategies and custom solutions, we’ll help you use Facebook and Instagram for all their worth.

Quarter Muffin provides a unique 3-tiered approach to your business.

1. Flexible Agreements

While other agencies look for long-term contract obligations, we offer a month-to-month contract, or a tiered discount as your brand scales. This keeps our team focused on your business more than any other. Hey, it’s our business too.

B2B offering at B2C pricing. We provide a comparatively skilled team, exceptional insight, personal service, and a uniquely proven process at a much lower rate than most other eCommerce companies.

You could take our word for it or just ask.


2. Wicked Good Customer Support

Okay, this is going to sound a bit self-aggrandizing, but you truly won’t believe the kind of service you get from Quarter Muffin. We’re online seven days a week and are there to monitor your account multiple times a day. And our response time is wicked fast.

Our founder will even give you his personal phone number. We’re not kidding. (Not until you sign on. He’s available, but not crazy…)


3. Our Proven Process

Here’s where it gets really interesting. We’ve done our homework. We assemble a sales funnel that runs straight to your bottom line.

It starts with a whole lot of proven data—which is always a good place to start—focusing on warm audiences and existing customer data to ensure the best outcomes based on your needs and preferences.

You won’t have to wait for a return on ad spend.
We can show you some truly stunning examples of our quick results like these.


We’re a Shopify partner!

If your brand is on Shopify, we’re the right partner. We understand how it works and how to help you get your ads on Facebook.

And here’s how quickly we can do it for you

Take a look at how we can go from initial phone call to profits at lightning speed


(roughly 1-3 weeks)

Discovery call to review account and align on social media strategy.

Creative Buildout / Revisions / Approvals / Weekly Calls


We start counting the campaign in days after we launch

Days 1 - 14

Creative refresh (often turns into a monthly or weekly occurrence), split testing, audience development

Day 15

First wave of analytics and reporting; campaign refresh

Day 45 - 90

We shoot to break even

Days 91 - 120

This is where results happen

Whether or not you’ve run ads before

Of course, no two brands are alike, and this timeline varies by objective, budget, vertical, audiences, and whether or not you’ve run ads before—if you have data sets, email lists, customer lists, etc.