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Intro to Quarter Muffin

Mazel tov. Your brand is growing and you’re finally ready to take the leap into Facebook and Instagram advertising. Moving into 2021, we’ve all come to understand how crucial a robust social media presence is to your sales funnel and ultimately, your brand’s lasting success. But managing online ads is a tricky endeavor, especially when looking to consistently maximize returns on a limited budget. Quarter Muffin (QM) was built to help small to medium-sized eCommerce brands leverage Facebook and Instagram to their selling advantage.

Why Brands Love Quarter Muffin

We are a match made in heaven for eCommerce

As Facebook ad experts, we predominantly work with lifestyle brands and understand how critical it is to land the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. We monitor your sales funnel seven days a week to ensure not a single day of sales goes missed. Our team is here to field your questions and you’ll always interact with the person working directly on your account. The best part is— we don’t staff junior-level buyers on any ad accounts.

Running ads yourself is a pain in the ass

New to Facebook advertising? You might be tempted to tap the “Promote” button on an Instagram post, but we recommend you hold off. Boosting posts within the Instagram app will share your content with cold audiences— people who might be interested in your product or service, but have no prior brand awareness. In contrast, warm audiences include people who have already engaged with your posts, purchased your products, or recently visited your website. Warm audiences are a stronger target since they are more likely to convert into paying customers. Instead of promoting posts, we structure your ad campaigns inside of Facebook Business Manager. Configuring your funnel this way will stretch your advertising dollars further and optimize your budget, audience, and ad timing. The details matter and that’s why we’re here to help.

We are a B2B offering at a B2C price-point

Traditional ad agencies are typically in the $2-5k per month range, require a three to six-month commitment, and staff junior-level buyers on your campaigns. We operate differently over here: QM does not have any onboarding or cancellation fees, no long-term contracts, and most importantly, we only work with senior-level advertising experts. 

Did we mention that we have wicked fast response times?


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