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White label solutions

As an agency, you know the importance of delivering sound solutions for your accounts. So, are you ready if your client asks about selling through Facebook and Instagram? Sure, you could fake it till you make it. Or you could call on a managed service company that will partner with you to deliver a proven program.

Proven success

We’ll work with you to get your clients’ ads up and running on Facebook and/or Instagram, along with delivering reporting and analytics. As part of your team, we can be strictly internal or client facing.

You’ll see unprecedented results that could become your clients’ success and make you look exceptionally good.

Human Factor Media

“Quarter Muffin made it a point of pride to stay ahead of the trends on all digital marketing channels. They will guide you along the path that works best for your brand and goals, and never the path easiest for them. Your ad spend is in safe hands with QM. And if you think Jeff is talking too fast, you are probably right—but that is the price of an expert who loves what he does.”

- Zack Slingsby, Founder, Human Factor Media

AM Industries

“Jeff and his team are great! We saw a huge increase in our numbers in just a few weeks. Knowledgeable and creative. Awesome at managing a campaign. Don’t miss your opportunity to work with a kickass team that will get you results.”

- Baron Gordon, Founder, AM Industries

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